Shava Nerad is the CEO of a small independent game startup, Oddfellow Studios, Inc., in Somerville, MA, USA.  She consults, writes, and does coaching on the side.  Her LinkedIn profile states: “If  Henry Jenkins thinks it’s cool, I’ve probably done it.”  She has a very web 2.0 sort of name, and you should feel free to googlestalk her.

She tweets as @shava23 for most topics, and is listed by @KateAtState as one of the “rock star women in tech.”

But you can find most of her gaming and games industry tweets at @shava24.  You might also want to check out her Gamasutra blog.

In the amazing world of New Eden, via CCP‘s Eve Online, she’s known as either Shva Shakti or Ginette Soie, and their various alts.

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