Cher frere,

I met this remarkable woman at the school at Halle.  She is a capsuleer, an industrialist, and a philosopher.  I met her because of my mining duty and perhaps I was obviously grating on my work, there in the bar.  She is a bit older than me, although with capsuleers, it is often so hard to tell.  She has been through her days fighting, and found that working in industry and trades was more profitable and less stressful.  “The gardening of a capsuleer’s life.”

I am so sure you would have liked her.  I have met no one like her at the academy, but this is her background too.

Somehow, thinking of mining as gardening among the stars has changed my experience entirely.  I will return to my own dealings soon, out in the stars in my frigate, but suddenly I can feel my Iteron as a wheelbarrow, and the miners with their laser hoes, bringing in a harvest to grow me more ships.  It is so amusing as an image, and when I am not bored to tears waiting for my life back, I think of you, and our brother, and the garden and the vineyard.

I wonder if, when I am a capsuleer for many years, I will become a philosopher-poet who can make rocks in space into a garden?

I do not think it will make me miss mining.


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