Bonjours, maman!

Allo, maman!  Please send my love to all the family, and to the dogs and all the creatures of our house.  I can see you frowning, yes, because I am still and will always be off here in these big night skies, but perhaps it will comfort you a little bit, how I am missing the green land and the growing things back home.

Still, you know, this is our family contribution to the cause of freedom.  The heavens know my brothers are not suited.  Marsel with his big ham hands, he is always going to be happier digging dirt than anything.  And Fransoir is too much a scholar, and a poet.  How you hatched such a girl I do not know, but you bore a warrior maiden, and I am happy here, even if I do miss home, and even you, with your sour looks!

Since graduation I have been so far and so fast!  I am here in Gallente space, and yesterday in Caldari space, and tomorrow perhaps in Amarr space.  There is nothing beyond my reach.  And, yes, I am having those too great adventures you worry about, but I promise not to try to die too often — I would not wish to worry my maman.

There is nothing special to report.  I am spending much time with the Sisters of Eve, and I think you would find them very respectable people.  They think very little of capsuleers either.  But for me, as do you, they make an exception.

So, I must go, but I have been so far and away from Gallente space, I thought I would write you just a quick note to say I still remember you all, and I hope perhaps sometime to come see you as duty permits.  I will write ahead as soon as I know.

Your wayward daughter,



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